Despite the Romanian government calling the date “inappropriate” due to the situation on Ukraine’s Russian border, Vladimir Putin still held a lengthy video conference with large Italian companies.

The Internet meeting with the Russian president will include Francesco Stares, president and CEO of ENL, Marco Tronsetti Provera, the world’s fifth-largest tire manufacturer, Antonio Fallico, managing vice president and general manager of Pirelli, and Panka Indesa San Palo, business director. Company in Russia. Representatives of the sixteen major Italian companies involved include General, managers of food perilla and kremonini for meat processing.

The Kremlin said the meeting, which lasted more than two hours, was attended by several heads of government of the Moscow government, including Igor Shechin, the number one head of the finance ministry, and Minister of Finance, Industry and Trade Rosnifty.

Vincenzo Trani, President of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, said the video conference focused on the most important issues of trade, economy and investment relations between the two countries, with the possibility of expanding mutual cooperation. He stressed that investments in energy, industry, finance and environmental technology in particular need to be further strengthened.

Trani stressed that the meeting was scheduled for November and that “there is now a dialogue without any political rhetoric.” He added that Italy is Moscow’s third largest trading partner.

Underlining the importance of the meeting, the Goldirett Farmers’ Association said Russia’s exports to Italy increased by 55 percent last year, while exports of Italian goods to Russia increased by 8.8 percent due to sanctions.

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According to press reports, the Romanian government led by Mario Tragi called on contractors to cancel the meeting, some of whom withdrew, including Eni, one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies. However, Chamber President Vincenzo Trani said Eni leaders had already mentioned that they would not be attending the virtual event.

A statement from members of the National Security Council (NSC) in the Romanian parliament called the meeting “inappropriate”, citing a “worrying” situation on the Ukrainian border.


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