In the style of old newsreels, they spread false information about inflation.

Previous government’s video on inflation means a We compared it to the Rakosi-era campaignThe most recent ones seem to go back to an earlier era: the Harty era.

A black-and-white format reminiscent of newsreels of the 1930s and 40s, with text written next to a couple of blurry images of war and monetary calculations, claiming inflation was due to war. Viktor Orban prefers peace. The only thing missing is the usual cheesy and bouncy movie news talking style.

It is true that Russia attacked Ukraine, at least they say and describe:

Despite what the video suggests, inflation was not only caused by the war started by the Russians, but the government’s economic policy also contributed greatly. We talked about this last time In the cabin And former Central Bank Governor Giorgi Sureni also spoke about it.

György Surányi: Central Bank calls after events

Later the course of inflation can be reversed, not by price freezes, but by default, prices will be higher based on growth, employment, income and real earnings – University Professor Gyorgi Sureni, former two-time president of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, gave in an interview to HVG on June 30.

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Inflation hit another record high, with food prices rising by more than 22 percent


In June, inflation stood at 11.7 percent, while core inflation, filtered by fast-moving commodities, rose to 13.8 percent. Food prices rose by an overall 22.1 percent in a year. During this time, for example, the price of bread rose by 40 percent and the price of milk by 25 percent.

Who wins even from high inflation?

Ivan Stoychevhvg360

Inflation is fundamentally bad – if anything, one would think that this could at least be acknowledged regardless of political opinion. But not even that. Because if we dig deeper, it turns out that such a price hike can’t only contain losses.