September 30, 2022

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Dyson Airwrap is getting a big upgrade this summer

Dyson Airwrap is getting a big upgrade this summer

It’s hard to escape Dyson Airwrap online. Beauty influencers are flocking to their powers all over TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. But you may want to put off investing in one. Dyson announce On Thursday he’s releasing a new version of Airwrap later this summer — and that version will be able to curl hair in both directions. The new Airwrap with all attachments will cost $599.

If you are not familiar with original air coverIt is a hair curler that is based on something called Coanda effect instead of heat. It uses a high-pressure motor to pull hair into the barrel, allowing users to “air” their hair while reducing the risk of heat damage. If you’ve ever seen it, it feels like magic hair sticking to the barrel.

However, one of the biggest pain points with the original Airwrap was that you had to swap out the attachments if you wanted to change up your curl styles. (You don’t always want to roll in the same direction across your head, for example.) However, the second iteration of Airwrap will allow you to switch directions by twisting a flow wrench on the tip of the barrel. Bi-directional barrels will come in sizes 30mm, 40mm, 30mm, 40mm in length and 20mm in length.

Photo: Dyson

On top of the two-way curling, the new Airwrap will also run faster and comes with a host of new attachments. There’s a new smoothing dryer from Coanda, which appears to be bringing Dyson Supersonic’s Flyaway accessory to Airwrap. The idea is to transform your hair from damp to damp while hiding the flies. There are now also hard and soft brushes for straighter styles.

If you’ve already shelled out big bucks for the original Airwrap, there’s some good news. You can upgrade to the new attachments without having to purchase another copy of Airwrap itself. However, it’s still up in the air when it launches exactly this summer.

Historically, Dyson hair tools have been more expensive. In fact, most reviews tend to deal with the question of whether the technology in the gadgets is worth the several hundred dollars each one costs. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer It costs 400 dollars, while Coral hair straightener It costs $500. However, this high price has not prevented Airwrap from constantly being out of stock. One thing is for sure, though – beauty influencers Currently lose them marble via news.

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