June 3, 2023

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During an interview, Macron took off his “luxury watch” from under the table

Unwinding the clock and talking about pension reform.

He added fuel to the fire Emmanuel Macron The French president, sharp-eyed television viewers saw him give an interview on Wednesday wearing a high-end watch, which he recorded during the conversation, writing. Guardian.

This is particularly unpopular with the head of state, as hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting for weeks against pension reform, including raising the retirement age. Macron spoke on this topic when he arrived in the studio at his lucky hour.

According to some estimates, the watch is worth up to 80,000 euros (30 million forints), but according to other experts, the “only” luxury watch on the market costs 2,400 euros (900,000 forints).

Macron took off his watch from under the table during the interview. The presidential palace later said Macron did so because the clock on the desk rang while the head of state was speaking. It is true that there was a loud thud when Macron put his hand on the table before taking off his watch, but it did not affect the broadcast.

However, many also believe that the scene is a living example of Macron being the president of the rich, and the incident will not help calm the mood.

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