September 27, 2023

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Due to Omigran, an unusual decision is made: vaccines will also be controlled

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The Italian government is considering introducing new control measures for the holiday season due to an increase in new corona virus infections. Reuters.

Local Side fractures Prime Minister Mario Draghi will meet with ministers on December 23 If you want to go to crowded places like nightclubs or stadiums, vaccines may require a negative PCR test. These measures, according to courier Della Serra, will take effect from December 27 before the big year-end rallies. All of this Prevents the spread of viruses and outbreaks in asymptomatic but infected people.

Visits to theaters and theaters may be negatively tested, and wearing a mask anywhere outside may be mandatory.

Franco Locadelli, one of the government’s chief scientific advisers, told courier Della Cera that some measures, such as making it mandatory to wear masks outside, could be taken soon.

Paper knows that

From January, the compulsory vaccination will be extended to all workers.

Currently, health workers, school staff, police and military personnel are required to be vaccinated against the corona virus.

The news agency also recalled Under current rules People who have been vaccinated or have been diagnosed with the disease are free to go to bars, restaurants, museums, cinemas, clubs and sporting events. The expected greater austerity will put an end to this before the Christmas holidays.

Countries are on the alert

The epidemiological picture of the country is deteriorating at a rapid rate, at least in terms of the number of new infections. All this is happening as Italy has steadily and steadily accelerated its anti-epidemic activities since the end of the summer.

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According to a recent release by the National Institutes of Health on Saturday, the Omigron variant is spreading rapidly in Italy, with new cases being identified in the north and south of the country, with a total of 84 cases reported so far by authorities.

With the rapid proliferation of Omigrans and the increasing number of trips and contacts during the holidays, governments in more and more countries are becoming cautious and deciding to tighten controls. We wrote about this here:

Austria, the Netherlands and Germany have already entered the field of operations:

In our previous perspective, we wrote that there are already examples in the world of some governments deciding global controls and not vaccinating.

Cover image: Demonstration against the introduction of a certification against the corona virus in Turin on 18 December 2021. In Italy, from December 6, the use of public transport, access to cultural and sports facilities, and access to restaurants and hotels will be linked to the vaccine. Contrary to previous rules, protection can only be achieved by recovering from at least one dose of the vaccine or disease. National restrictions apply until January 15. Source: MTI / EPA / ANSA / Alessandro Di Marco