January 22, 2022

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Dór Rácz-Gyuricza hanged again, wrote to him insane

Here’s another strong example of what people sometimes actually hold in one’s head about what messages people are writing.

Geno Rox’s girlfriend Tori Curixa is already 21 weeks old, so she’s pregnant, yet she says she still does not feel her little girl because of the placenta in her abdominal wall, and she kicks the thick layer.

Many commented that he was deliberately covering his stomach, but that is out of the question. There were those who wrote in a ridiculous way as if Tory was not happy about it because her stomach was always covered.

“It’s like you’re not happy because your stomach is always closed.” A message came to Tory Instagram page, He knew better when he read exactly what it was about.

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“I can answer that you are not normal. My biggest treasure is my baby, but because of that, it’s not a scene because someone is pregnant.” Tory wrote in her reply.

There are still questions about this. “Why are you covering your stomach with pictures?” Tory also tried to give a clear answer to this question. “I’m not covering my stomach, I’m not putting a stomach about it.”

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