Analyst Cynthia Freelund took on the task of determining the most highly regarded player for each NFL team. For the San Francisco 49ers, this player is an off-season addition — the cornerback Carvarius Ward. Frelund used the analytics to measure each player’s production and contribution to the team’s overall win during the 2021 season.

Ward’s contributions were last season to the Kansas City Chiefs. Frelund admits she usually tries to prioritize players who don’t change teams in the off-season. However, this has proven to be a particular challenge this year due to the large number of free agent movement, so Ward’s value in this exercise is of benefit to the 49ers.

Other factors such as previous salary, where the player was drafted, and lack of honors in the NFL helped define who was “underrated” in Freelund’s mind. Ward entered the league as an uncredited free agent and never earned a Pro Bowl or All-Pro honor.

While Ward signed a three-year deal averaging $13.5 million a season, he still ranked No. 13 (tied with William Jackson of Washington captains, at OverTheCap) among the shadows.

San Francisco Free Dealer Pickup is proud 46.9 completion percentage for the best NFL allowed in coverage since 2019, in [Next Gen Stats] (at least 150 goals), “Freelund wrote.” He also received only one penalty kick called up against him last season with Kansas City. It’s no surprise, then, that the Niners, who finished 29th (68.2) and whose DBs were the most sanctioned in the league last season, followed the 26-year-old out of the season.”

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Ward finished last season with 67 tackles, 2 tackles for losses, 2 interceptions, and 10 defensive passes for heads. Now, he joins a talented defensive unit and coaching staff that sees a high ceiling in the young full-back.

“I don’t feel like they’re lacking a lot,” Ward said of the 49 people in March. “I’m going to bring a lot of energy, a lot of joy, a lot of enthusiasm, just young talent. The coaching staff, they seem happy to be me. I’m happy to be here, and I’m ready to start this thing.”

Head coach Kyle Shanahan is excited to add Ward to his defense. Praise the back corner this week.

“He’s just as talented as a man,” Shanahan said. “He’s a great guy, he loves to work. He doesn’t say much. He just goes out and gets his job done, and he seems like a perfect fit.”

Even the offensive players on the team know that having Ward as their teammate will make them even better. One 49ers show receiver admitted he had already done some homework on the back corner.

“I’m excited not just to confront him but to have him on our defense and watch him go after the receivers,” Brandon Ayuk He confessed. “I’ve already watched him go. I’ve seen a lot of his stuff already so far. I have to play [against] He has a little bit of him last season when we played Kansas City in the pre-season game, so I know him a little bit. But definitely excited to have him on our team. Definitely excited to have a better fight against him and against all our rules of the game.”

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