September 29, 2023

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Covid-19 panic erupts in Berlin: Masks mandatory

Masks are currently not compulsory in Germany, except on public transport. At the same time, the law, which was previously adopted to prevent epidemics including the Covid pandemic, gives provinces a free hand to tighten measures and require masks to be worn in closed spaces.

Berlin, considered a free country, seems to be at the forefront of this. The capital’s health senator is preparing to present a proposal to the local senate aimed at significantly tightening the wearing of masks. According to Ulrik Kot of the Green Party, due to the sharp increase in the number of diseases

People are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth in shops and shopping malls, museums and universities and other public buildings.

The Der Tagesspiegel According to the proposal, a medical mask would suffice, the newspaper said, but there would be an obligation to wear an FFP2 mask on public transport.

The Berlin senator cited several motives for the need to generally tighten mask-wearing. He called it the most important thing to avoid overloading the health system, and schools, kindergartens and other care institutions work. He emphasized the importance of protecting people who are particularly exposed to health risks, as well as avoiding so-called prolonged Covid cases.

Carl Lauterbach However, the health minister has called on all provinces to increase security as the number of coronavirus cases has increased. The Social Democratic Minister reminded that the German states must implement strict measures in accordance with the current infection data within the framework of the law on infection control.

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After all, Lauterbach suggested enforcing the obligation to wear masks in closed spaces,

And called on provinces to act responsibly.

The German Medical Chamber, officially known as the Marburger Bund, went even further. A highly respected German medical organization has called for the wearing of FFP2 masks to be mandatory, even in closed spaces.

One of the most respected German epidemiologists, Hajo Zeib from Bremen, believed that masks should be mandated within weeks. According to the epidemiologist, the re-introduction of previous social distancing rules is inevitable, especially for large events, theaters and cinemas.

According to the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases, nearly 13,000 new infections have been reported in the past week. The death toll has increased to 176 in the last 7 days.

Opening image: MTI/EPA/Ronald Wittek