June 2, 2023

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Corona virus: waiting in line for two hours before the Kiev fire

The bodies of those who died of corona virus complications were in line two hours before the Kiev cremation. Mikhail Raduki, pro-government chairman of the Legislative Health Committee, told a meeting of the Ukrainian parliament on Wednesday. He drew attention to the fact that Ukraine already has the second highest number of deaths in the world on Wednesday.

The politician called on his fellow members to set a good example, he has not yet done so and should be vaccinated. According to him, if not the majority of representatives, many of them have not yet been vaccinated. Exactly how many, he did not say. Radukiz insisted that MPs and members of the machine should be re-vaccinated in the parliament building. In addition, he pointed out that 80 per cent of MPs do not adhere to the mandatory wearing of face masks in the room. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health said that more than 94 per cent of the Kovit patients admitted to the hospital last week had not even taken the first dose of the vaccine. October 11-17. 27,488 patients were taken to the hospital, 25,893 of whom were not vaccinated.

Foreign Minister Dmitro Guleba at a press conference on Wednesday The European Union Council has blamed Ukrainian vaccine authorities for the fact that Ukraine is likely to be excluded from “green”, safe countries., Its citizens are free to enter the EU. According to him, the irresponsible behavior of the vaccinated is affected by the vaccinated following all the rules, but misses the opportunity to travel to the EU and other countries.

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In Ukraine, the number of new victims rose by 18,912 on Wednesday to 2,679,185. This increase is more than 3,300 the day before. The death toll rose 495 to 61,843And the number of active patients increased by nearly 11,000 to 272,543. Last day, 5,468 patients were hospitalized on suspicion of having corona virus and infection. In the capital, Kiev, the most affected part of the country, most of the last 1,023 new patients and 29 deaths were recorded on the same day in the last six months.

Since the vaccination campaign began in February, 6,658,010 people in Ukraine have received two doses of the vaccine, which has a population of 42 million, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health. And 1,549,891 received only the first dose of the vaccine. On Tuesday, 226,587 people in the country were vaccinated, a new record.