June 2, 2023

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Corona virus: The infection is mainly exacerbated in the region

The day before, 256,725,697 people had been registered, bringing the death toll to 5,140,914, making 432,507 people sick in a single day and 5,440 lives killed by Govt-19.

The epidemic is present in 192 countries and regions. Experts say that because the number of trials in each country is high or low, the number of cases detected does not accurately reflect reality, and the criteria for recording vary.

Recently, the epidemic has spread rapidly in Europe, especially in Central and Eastern European countries.

  1. To date, with 47,701,872 people, the largest number of people in the United States are affected by this epidemic. The death toll was 771,013.
  2. In India, 34,499,925 people were affected and 465,349 lost their lives.
  3. In Brazil, 22,012,150 people were affected and 612,587 were killed.
  4. In the UK, 9,857,658 people were infected and 144,308 died from the disease.
  5. In Russia, the number of confirmed infections rose to 9,135,149 and the number of deaths to 257,891.
  6. There have been 8,552,347 reported infections in Turkey so far, with 74,847 deaths, according to official figures.
  7. In France, 7,497,912 infections and 119,407 deaths were reported.
  8. In Germany 5,374,746 people were affected and 99,067 died.
  9. In Argentina, 5,314,702 people were affected and 116,374 died.
  10. In Spain, 5,080,663 infections and 87,810 deaths were recorded.
  11. In Italy, 4,915,981 people were affected and 133,131 were killed.
  12. In Ukraine, 3,481,347 infections have been reported, and according to official figures, 85,847 people have died from corona virus complications.
  13. There are 3,326,464 infections and 80,781 deaths in Poland.
  1. According to Friday data In Hungary The epidemic is spreading more and more, and the number of people diagnosed has risen to a total of 998,488 since its inception. In addition, 32,780 people have fallen victim to the disease.
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On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the corona virus an epidemic from the Chinese city of Wuhan.