September 27, 2023

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Corona virus: Suddenly 32 countries were re-classified by the British

The portfolio has withdrawn this guideline for 32 countries. So far, for exceptional and compelling reasons, the Ministry has not recommended traveling to these countries for any purpose.

The countries on the list include Belarus, Kosovo, Algeria, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

The importance of this measure is given by the fact that travel insurance can now be taken with UK insurance companies to travel to countries that have been removed from the travel exemption list. British insurance companies practically refuse to take travel insurance for countries that the British Foreign Office advises travelers to travel to.

The ministry said on Wednesday it had removed the travel disqualification recommendation for the countries concerned because the public health situation in those countries was improving, experts were increasingly aware of the nature of the corona virus and the UK vaccination campaign had reduced the risk to British travelers. .

At the same time, the ministry insists, it continues to encourage travelers to visit countries in the red category, which is considered the most epidemic risk.

At a conference on Wednesday, the UK Foreign Office indicated that it would no longer issue guidelines to non-red countries, advising British people to go to those countries because of the corona virus infection.

From Monday, the green and yellow epidemic risk classification introduced abroad by the British government in May – Hungary also belongs to the latter – was abolished, and only the red category remained.

Also, from Monday, those who have received both doses of the corona virus vaccine and who have not traveled to the UK from countries classified as red by the British government will no longer be required to be tested for the corona virus before entering the UK.

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From the end of October, travelers to the UK from non-red countries fully vaccinated with internationally recognized vaccines will no longer have to undergo a PCR test on the second day after arrival in the UK, instead a cheaper lateral flow test will suffice.

This applies to those who have received the Oxford / Astrogeneca, Pfizer / Bioentech or any combination of Moderna or any of the Johnson vaccine at least 14 days before arriving in the UK.

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