June 10, 2023

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Corona virus in Europe: Tens of thousands of cases reported in many countries

In France 23 new deaths have been reported, and the number of deaths for the new type of corona virus is 91,520. 22,678 new infections have been reported. A further 1333 people are in the intensive care unit with the virus-induced Govit-19 disease.

The In the United Kingdom Saturday over forty thousand, 40,941 new infections have been reported, After 44,242 a day ago. In the country, 28 days after a positive test, deaths have been recorded as Govt-19 victims. That number was 150 on Saturday, up from 157 on Friday.

In Italy As of Saturday night, 49 new deaths had been reported, more than a day earlier. The number of new infections per day has risen from 10,544 to 11,555. A total of 133,131 people have died in the country due to Govt-19 disease. Currently, 4,250 patients are being treated in hospital for corona virus infection, and 512 are in the intensive care unit. In Italy, nearly 575,000 tests have been performed in the last 24 hours.

In Germany The seven-day event has increased more than ever. One month ago, the number of one lakh people was still 80.4, and on Saturday it was 362.2. On Saturday 63,924 new cases have been detected.

In the Czech Republic Also, the seven-day event was higher than ever, at 929 per 100,000 people, the highest since the eruption.

In Slovakia The number of new cases has surpassed all previous records: 9171 new infections have been reported On Saturday. The number of new cases has never risen above 9,000. According to data, 71 percent of new infections are not vaccinated. Three thousand patients require hospital care with Govit-19.

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