September 26, 2023

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Corona patients die of lack of oxygen at a Romanian hospital

Romanian health care is under serious burden: 15,410 new corona virus infections have been detected in nearly 24 million countries in the past 24 hours, an increase of 7 percent over the past two weeks, according to a report by the Strategic Communications Tribes in Bucharest on Friday. On the last day, 356 deaths were recorded:

More than 20,000 corona patients are already being treated in Romanian hospitals, with 1,848 critically ill patients admitted to intensive care units on Friday.

However, according to press reports, more than that will be needed: Hundreds of affected people are waiting in hospital beds in ambulances lined up in front of hospitals. Given the dramatic situation, more and more people are being vaccinated against the corona virus again. For the first time since May, according to Trasindex

The number of people vaccinated on the same day in Romania is close to one million. More than 99,000 people were vaccinated on Thursday, more than 62,000 of whom received the first dose of the vaccine.


On Friday, another hospital accident claimed life in Romania. Tarku Carbunesti Hospital in Oldenia treats 150 corona virus patients, 90 of whom are receiving oxygen replacement and 15 intensive treatment, running out of oxygen. Staff filled patients’ oxygen supply with balloon manual ventilation, and disaster relief sent nearly 70 oxygen cylinders by ambulance from four districts to the scene. The Főté Two step A woman, aged 76 and 55, died as a result of human negligence.

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