September 28, 2023

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“Come and die with us in the trenches” – Russian conscripts fought with the police

In photos shared by a Reuters reporter, Ukrainian war veterans are said to be fighting with local police in Omsk, Siberia, Sky News reported.

There is significant opposition to Vladimir Putin’s decision on partial demobilization – which would see an additional 300,000 soldiers go to Ukraine.

People in Omsk reportedly called on the police to “come and die with them in the ditch.”

Meanwhile, scores of people are still fleeing the regional mobilization ordered by Vladimir Putin on Wednesday: there are long lines at Finnish, Georgian and Mongolian border crossings, and it’s difficult to get a plane ticket. In Russia, protesters and university students were forced to counter-mobilize, and large numbers of people from ethnic minorities could be sent to the front.

A cover image is an example. A protester against regional mobilization ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin is arrested by police in Moscow on September 24, 2022. As per the decree which came into effect three days ago, the citizens in reserve will be forced to do so. Photo: MTI/EPA/Maksim Sipenkov

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