September 29, 2023

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Coding – Culture – Translators started a campaign to put them on the book cover as well

No matter how popular the translator is, he has always been a student of book publishing. He searches minimally, most of the time his name is not mentioned, although for example Clara Szolsci, Master and Margarita, Dr. Fastus and The Magic Mountain would not have been in Hungarian. Or at least not in such beautiful language, as in competition with the original in such literary quality. Had it not been for Victory Loni, who knew how to read the non-French Balzac and Maupasant novels.

However, now the translators have vomited their fate and ended up fighting for themselves.

American writer-translator Jennifer Croft, among others, 2018 International Man Booker Prize winner Olga Dokorsuk Flights He has translated his novel, and he recently wrote on Twitter that he did not want to translate more books until his name appeared on the cover. Kraft says it is important for the reader to know who translated the book, so he launched a campaign on the issue, and other authors and translators joined the effort, writes Publishers Weekly, an American book portal.

International Translation Day was started on September 30 by English co-author Mark Hatton, with whom he wrote an open letter to the UK’s Society of Authors uniting British writers. In it, the authors are asked to convince their publishers that the names of the translators may also appear on the covers of the volumes.

The work of translators has long been taken lightly, so we no longer ask our publishers to display the translator’s name on the cover.

– Designed in an open letter from two authors.

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The campaign was soon joined by the Arthur’s Guild, America’s oldest and largest writers’ professional organization.

The names of the translators have long been on the covers of books, and the time has come for translators to receive royalties and shares for their work.

Said Mary Rosenberger, president of the Teachers Union. The petition has so far been signed by 2322 intellectuals, including several Hungarians.

If the initiative succeeds, the translation work will finally be officially considered a joint venture, which is a huge credit to the book industry around the world.