June 27, 2022

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Code – Science – The Spanish government will pay four euros for a box of cigarette butts

I will introduce a 20-cent charge for each cigarette, which is almost double the price of the Marlboro Red box for almost 2,000 forint. A similar tax on plastic bottles and aluminum cans was introduced in New York in 1982, providing a small but steady income for the homeless.

We want to put an end to the current situation Cigarette butts 70 percent do it on land or at sea

Said Isaac Ferrier, chairman of the Catalan Waste Agency.

They will ban smoking in Spain

According to the European Union, cigarette butts are the second most common plastic waste on European beaches, and according to the Ocean Protection Agency, pads are the most common of all debris dumped at sea.

To reduce marine pollution, all city beaches in Barcelona will be banned from July.

The Socialist-led coalition government in Spain plans to review the country’s smoking laws to ban smoking on the outdoor terraces of bars and restaurants, beaches and outdoor sports facilities.

According to 2019 data, 19.7 percent are Spaniards Smoke Per day, slightly higher than the EU average (18.4 percent). Bulgaria (28.7 percent), Greece (23.6 percent) and Latvia (22.1 percent) have the highest smoking rates in the three EU countries. Defender.

Details of the tax plan have not yet been confirmed, but a suggestion that the pieces may be returned to the tobacco shop where the cigarettes were purchased.

The idea is not to make money, but to minimize the environmental impact of these products. One day we hope this action is no longer needed because the problem will disappear.

Perare said.

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Meanwhile, the Spanish government proposes that cigarette manufacturers pay Buttocks We need to educate the public on cleaning costs and not throwing it away ButtocksBecause they contain cellulose acetate which is harmful to the environment.

The proposal was made in the framework of the Waste Act, which will come into force in early 2023.

Although cigarette butts are not yet legislated, the law prohibits the sale of plastic cotton cloths, cutlery, plates, expanded polystyrene cups and plastic straws.