August 10, 2022

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Code – Abroad – Ryanair separated a mother from her two young children

The girls, aged 9 and 11, flew to Spain without their mother. They were accompanied by their aunt, A Ryanair He traveled on his flight to Palma de Mallorca, but with a separate reservation.

Kate Park and her daughters, aged 9 and 11, checked in as usual for flight FR8386 from London Stansted on August 1.

Although his passport only expires in February 2023, it is invalid For those traveling from the United Kingdom About Brexit After the regime, it was released ten years ago. Under the rule, passports for UK citizens will only be accepted for travel to the EU if the passport is issued within ten years of the date of travel. British citizens must renew their passport before traveling to the EU if the passport is more than ten years old.

They were allowed to board only after their passports were renewed

As the children’s mother was not allowed to board and her luggage was taken off the plane, the sister-in-law, who had already boarded the plane, came back to the gate and took the children with her. The flight was delayed due to unloading, but made good time and arrived in Palma on schedule.

It’s Gate Park For freedom said,

Sixteen minutes before take off I was given very little time, support or opportunity in a very upsetting and stressful situation. The system is broken. If only the passport expiry date is entered at check-in, and the date checked at boarding is actually the date, the airline industry needs to make some drastic changes.

The Ryanair British travelers are asked to prove that their passport meets two conditions for entry into the EU – the passport is less than ten years old on the date of departure and at least three months remaining on the date of return – but the first rule can be cashed if it is breached.

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Kate Park eventually got an emergency appointment to renew her passport and left on August 2.