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Code – Abroad – Etiquette in the British Royal Family

In January 2005, young Prince Harry threw himself into the night, but not to the power of a simple house party, but to a friend who was in a dressing room. Prince Harry also wore a costume, but with that he certainly crossed a border. The Front side of the sun Presented the young prince’s attire, which was nothing more than a Nazi armband uniform. next day ApologizedHowever, Prince Harry has long been criticized by British Jewish communities for his indecent ballot.

In 2014, the British Queen Met him It has already lived for many seasons Game of Thrones Shooting location for Series II. Elizabeth was able to see Vastron. This is the throne of the ruler of the fictional kingdom of Westeros. However, the organizers offered the queen what to sit on

Queen Elizabeth turned down the offer because, according to royal law, the ruler could not sit on another throne.

– Even if it actually symbolizes an imaginary kingdom.

The press also had weird moments. For example, at the 2014 Royal Windsor Horse Show, the Queen was deep He looked at it, What’s on your nose. In 2016, Prince Philip followed suit.

Meeting new people can be a challenge for all of us at times, but if you want to meet the British Queen, there are escapees too. In 2018 II. Queen Elizabeth visited At the Thomas Coram Children’s Foundation in London, he also met with some families. One of the young men in the family,

The Queen, of course, handled the situation calmly, and she and the rest of the family laughed at the child’s somewhat unusual expression.

Then there are the less subtle things. The previous one In our article And that Prince Charles plans to have his mother, i.e. II. After Elizabeth’s death, Buckingham Palace was completely converted into a museum. All of this upset the Queen because she had spent her entire childhood there, still living in the royal palace of the palace.

Uncomfortable situations from around the world

1961When J.F. Kennedy (1961-1963) President of the United States Met him There was a disagreement between his wife, Queen Elizabeth, and the then First Lady and the King.

The visit came just months after Kennedy took office, Netflix Crown In the second season of his series. The series basically follows the Queen’s life, so he gets the episode of the tense situation between him and Kennedy’s wife because the two women have been jealous of each other before. The Queen noticed that Jackie Kennedy was more famous than herself. With the arrival of the Kennedy couple, Britain almost “knelt”. Of course, the royal couple did not like it.

Dinner was served at Buckingham Palace in memory of the US presidential couple, and Jackie later spoke of not wanting the palace or the ruler’s hair. He called Buckingham a sad second-rate hotel. Then, everything returned to II. In Elizabeth’s ears. The British monarch had already promised that Jackie Kennedy would insist that his brother be present at dinner, but royal decree commanded that divorcees not be invited to such an event, and that Jackie’s brother was already living in his second marriage.

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At their later meeting, Jackie apologized to the British monarch.

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) US President met in 1977 II. Queen Elizabeth, and

To the shock of all, the US President: He kissed her on the mouth II. Elizabeth.

President Carter, the journalist at the time, met with Queen Elizabeth only once, but he was very impressed. The US president, who was invited to the economic summit in London, violated the protocol and made the biggest money in the royal family’s life in the eyes of many. Queen Elizabeth Carter was declared the worst victim of stupidity.

But the Americans have done something else that is fundamentally forbidden by the ethics of the British royal family. In 2009 Michelle Obama, He later said in a statement, while acting intuitively She hugged him II. When Queen Elizabeth visited Buckingham Palace. Michelle Obama added that we embrace people we feel close to. However, according to British royal etiquette, it is strictly forbidden! That’s a good gesture, but even a first lady can not buy it.

One of the most memorable and uncomfortable in recent years Moment Maybe then Donald Trump, Former President of the United States with a calm heart He waited In heat II. Queen Elizabeth of Britain. The politician was never famous for wasting respect on the Queen.

However, in 2019 Display When the Queen looked at her watch twice, it was very embarrassing the situation caused by the US President. People were angry that Trump did not arrive late, even after he was completely late, but had to wait 15 minutes in his helicopter. After they finally met,

The queen is forbidden to retreat, and if a conversation ends, for example, the ruler must always “leave” the place first.

Coincidentally, Trump violated state norms at another event and exposed himself to embarrassing moments. Touched II. The back of Elizabeth. This is also forbidden as only members of the royal family can touch each other.

(Cover: Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, March 31, 2021. Photo: Steve Rickett – WPA Pool / Getty Images)