June 6, 2023

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Civilians rescued from Azov metal works, Russian robot plane crashes at Odessa airport.

Twenty-five people were evacuated from the Azov steel plant in Mariupol, and nineteen adults and six children were evacuated, according to Russian media reports on Saturday, according to RIA Novosti and TASZSZ news agencies. The Azov Brigade confirmed that twenty civilians – women and children – had been expelled from Azovstale.

According to Ukrainian sources, about a thousand civilians escaped to the bunkers of the steel mills and were trapped there. Russia, on the other hand, claims to have about 2,500 Ukrainian armed and foreign mercenaries in the facility.

UN Moscow and Kiev, mediated by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, agreed this week to set up a humanitarian route for the evacuation of civilians, but no major evictions have taken place since then.

More than nine weeks after the start of the Russian invasion, the situation of the people trapped in Azovola is believed to be catastrophic.

Ukrainian army civilians and Russian forces continued a mine attack on the Donetsk Basin on Saturday, but were unable to occupy the three target areas of Lyman in the Donetsk region and Severotnetsk and Bopasna in the Luhansk region.

According to the Russian Internet Ministry, Russian forces on Saturday attacked 17 Ukrainian military installations with high-precision missiles, destroying a command post and a warehouse storing missiles and artillery.

More than two hundred Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 23 armored vehicles were destroyed during the airstrikes. The report did not mention the rocket attack on the Odessa airport.

Russian robot plane crashes at Odessa airport in the Black Sea port city

The Ukrainian military said on Saturday that the runway was unusable. No personal injuries were reported.

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A 25-year-old Danish man is said to have died on April 26 in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv. According to TV2 Danish TV, the man was a soldier in the International Brigade fighting the Russians. According to local media reports, the Danish Foreign Ministry could not confirm the news on television and contacted the Ukrainian authorities.

Citing the Ukrainian embassy in Denmark, the Danish daily Zilland-Boston wrote that hundreds of Danes could go to Ukraine to fight Russia.

According to the governor of the Kursk region in western Russia, several mines collided at a checkpoint near the border from Ukraine on Saturday. Roman Storowart said there was no injury or damage in the video posted on the Telegram news app. The British news agency Reuters could not confirm the news from an independent source.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview on Saturday that the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia was part of peace talks.

(In the opening image: People with identities will demonstrate in Kiev on April 30, 2022. Protesters are calling on world leaders to help build humanitarian corridors and evacuate civilians and soldiers trapped in Mariupol.)

Initial image: MTI / EPA / Serhiy Dolzhenko

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