March 28, 2023

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China opens another front in the Pacific

As a clear indication of the rapid escalation of political tensions, the United States, Australia and New Zealand have been increasing their military presence in the South Pacific for years. New Zealand’s Ministry of Defense last December Provided by The existing theory, which has already been drawn to this conclusion.

In parallel, the Australian Strategic Brain Trusts have been around for many years They see symptoms Beijing, like the South China Sea, wants to militarize the region with its substantial raw materials, uninhabited coral reefs (located near submarine cables) and maritime checkpoints (chokepoints).

Children sitting in a tree somewhere in the Solomon Islands. Photo: Deposit photos

Recently Washington and Canberra Together He was refreshed Lopram is a military port strategically located on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. It is located directly on the sea lanes connecting the Middle East with China. Papua New Guinea was an Australian colony until 1975, but has experienced financial difficulties in recent years. Provided strategic bases and raw material deposits to China – Canberra just can’t see.

Leaked draft

Between China and the Solomon Islands, but in negotiations Leaked Draft protection agreements have also triggered warnings in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The Solomon Islands are an independent state in northeastern Australia, comprising six major islands and more than 900 smaller islands. It has a population of 700,000 and speaks about 120 different languages ​​in the state.

Canberra and Wellington fear that the five-year, self-renewable agreement could jeopardize regional stability, as China is likely to deploy its warships and coast guard vessels in the Pacific islands 2,000 kilometers off the coast of Australia. In addition, it can send military and paramilitary troops to the Beijing Islands.

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Chinese trump cards

The islands provide an ideal location for Chinese intelligence to monitor naval movements through electronic intelligence and long-range radar systems.

In the event of a potential military conflict, a Chinese base in the Solomon Islands could affect Australian transport routes and for the first time since World War II, the east coast of Australia may face a direct military threat.

The new site in Beijing will have a greater impact Can practice To other archipelagos in the region, including வனதுரா, It does not have an independent army. It is protected by Australia, including the police. Vanuatu recently created a deep-sea port at Esprido Santo.

Australian Information According to Moreover, China has recently encircled Papua New Guinea with a view to pursuing a security agreement.

Political storms

New Zealand Secretary of Defense Beanie Henare aptly expressed the mood in Australian and New Zealand politics. According to “The Solomon Islands certainly belong to our common backyard.”

Anne-Marie Brady, an Australian analyst close to Washington’s security policy circles, has called for urgent regime change intervention.

Brady According to The Solomon Islands are a “fallen state” in the hands of the “corrupt elite”.

News Corp released last weekend From the article “Australia must be prepared to invade the Solomon Islands and overthrow its government, if necessary, to thwart the proposed defense agreement between China and the Pacific,” one commentator was quoted as saying.

The Prime Minister is on the defensive

In his first parliamentary address on Tuesday, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sokare described foreign criticism of the plan as “offensive” and called those who leaked the draft agreement “fools.” Sokavare did not provide further details on the content of the contract, but later said he was “ready to sign”.

Here are the Solomon Islands.  Photo: Deposit photosHere are the Solomon Islands. Photo: Deposit photos
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According to Sogavare, voices in the Australian public media promoting the invasion of the Solomon Islands do not strengthen bilateral relations.

“We welcome any country that is willing to support us in our safe haven. He added.

The deal can only be implemented at the request of the nation, he said, adding that it would be “utter nonsense” that China’s presence in the region would pose a threat to security. He said the Solomon Islands had previously asked Australia to set up a naval base, but Australia had rejected it due to a security plan with Papua New Guinea.

Sokavere said he had discussed the issue with leaders in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji since the leak and that the island’s traditional security partners would “always be important” to them.

Sokawa received President Xi Jinping in Beijing in October 2019 and the Solomon Islands diplomatically recognized China that year instead of Taiwan. Following its move to Beijing, a Chinese state-owned company has invested $ 825 million to reopen a gold mine in the Solomon Islands.

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