September 27, 2023

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China is also threatening multinationals in its struggle with Lithuania

According to the Lithuanian Deputy Foreign Minister, the Chinese government has sent a message to multinational companies that they will not be able to sell their products in China if they work with Lithuanian suppliers. He says some companies have already severed their business ties with Lithuania, but did not mention any of them.

The Lithuanian Confederation of Trade Unions has also confirmed the news To Reuters, According to them, for the first time, the Chinese put direct pressure on a business operator not to buy from Lithuania. According to him, this affects many suppliers badly. The government has asked the European Commission for help and has begun talks with these companies on how to use government subsidies or loans to offset lost revenue.

The recently opened Taiwan Foreign Office building in Vilnius


Last week, China removed Lithuania from the list of countries producing perishable goods. At first glance, the conflict is about Taiwan (which may have recently opened a foreign mission in Vilnius, and China has not recognized Taiwan as an independent country). But as we wrote, China is actually trying to drill a legal framework in Brussels, Even if it is an EU member state, if it feels threatened by trade, it will allow the European Commission to decide on the ban at its own discretion.

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