September 29, 2023

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Chechens are on the offensive, Russia’s territory is under constant attack – our war news on Wednesday

All but one of the Russian embassies in Germany will be closed, it was announced in Berlin on Wednesday.

The foreign ministry said the operating licenses of four of the five Russian embassies in Germany would be revoked. Diplomatic missions should be closed by the end of the year. Thus Russia can operate only one Consul General and the Consulate in Berlin.

The arrangement is a response to the Kremlin’s decision to allow a maximum of 350 German civil servants, including diplomats and employees of cultural institutions, to work in Russia. Therefore, Berlin is forced to close its embassies in Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, and Novosibirsk because it cannot maintain consular services due to staffing limitations.

The German government assesses the introduction of the staff limit as a “step to poison” the relationship between the two countries, and due to Moscow’s “unfair” decision, it is forced to restore by reducing the “labor and structural” balance between the delegations. Representation of the Russian Government in Germany, he explained. Spokesperson of the Ministry.

German national public broadcaster ARD highlighted in its compilation published on its news website that in German-Russian government relations, the expulsion of diplomats is a strong symbol of opposition to each other’s decisions. By revoking the Consul General’s operating license, they added, “the German government is going one step further.”

It was recalled that in recent years the expulsion of diplomats, the staffing of Russian embassies in Germany and the staff of German foreign embassies in Russia had been significantly reduced and services had to be limited. The already tense relationship further worsened with the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine. In April 2022, Germany expelled 40 Russian diplomats, citing indications of espionage, and Russia also classified 40 German diplomats as undesirable persons.

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