December 6, 2022

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Ceasefire talks continue, Ukraine will not give up its territories – here is the latest news on Monday

The National Police Headquarters (ORFK) told MTI on Monday that 4934 people had entered the Hungarian border on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border on Sunday, while 8781 of those who had entered the Romanian-Hungarian border were from Ukraine.

Of those admitted, 393 were granted temporary residence permits valid for 30 days by the police. “They must go to the competent office of the National Directorate of Immigration at their place of residence within the time available to obtain the final documents,” the ORFK said.

The Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) told on Monday that 1225 people, including 415 children, arrived in Budapest by train before the war in Ukraine on Sunday. It was written that the refugees arriving at the Kőbánya Upper Railway Station by special trains were taken by bus to the BOK Hall.

They added that the accommodation in the capital and rural areas was handled by the accommodation and transportation co-ordinating authorities for 88 people, including 53 children.

BRFK assists refugees arriving by train from Ukraine with police and patrols at the Kőbánya Upper Railway Station and BOK Hall. The Budapest Civil Defense Association also provides support in these tasks.

They said that for the convenience of on-site communication, BRFK has contracted 31 Ukrainian translators and provides translators from its own staff.

The police are said to be in constant contact with the National Directorate for Disaster Management, the National Directorate of Aliens, the Hungarian State Railway Limited, the Budapest Traffic Center, the Budapest Metropolitan Police Directorate, the Budapest City Government Office and the Budapest City Government Office. Relief systems. (MTI)

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