The Mercedes-Benz ESF 05, packed with pre-aged safety upgrades, has the fifth hatch recalled.

We wrote in October 1971 Mercedes At its headquarters in Sintelfingen, Germany, a test vehicle with safety upgrades was significantly ahead of its time. Especially in this car:

Attached footage shows Mercedes-Benz ESF 05, which is celebrating its fiftieth birthday today.

The rear headrests have been replaced by nets


The innovation, introduced at the Second International ESV Conference from 26 to 29 October 1971, is based on the 1968 W 114 (/ 8, Stretch-Act).

The prototype that created the era protected not only the front but also the rear passengers with separate airbags. Optimized for speeds of up to 80 km / h, the ESF 05 was fitted with five three-point automatic seat belts and anti-lock brakes, among others.

The car is 65.5 cm longer and weighs 655 kg more than the base model, measuring 5.35 m and 2,060 kg respectively. The German manufacturer developed 35 such safety-centric prototypes in the 1970s.

The world’s first series passenger car with ABS was the 116 Series Mercedes S-Class, built in December 1978 with the development of this amazing safety technology. The first ABS option with 140 parts was an additional option, for which about 2,200 German marks were requested at the time, which is about 800 thousand forints at today’s value.

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Since 1984, all Mercedes have had an anti-lock braking system standard and must be fitted to all new cars sold in the EU since 2004.

The first car in the series was the 1980 Mercedes S-Class Airbag.

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