June 3, 2023

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British passengers were overtaken, and Wizz Air’s voyage continued

The ‘reputation’ of British tourists is already widespread across Europe, and the latest case does not improve anything Okosudas Reported. The group of thirty flew from Gatwick Airport in London to Crete, but was already drunk when boarding the plane, and witnesses said the plane was filled with another liter of vodka.

Nevertheless, they were given alcohol even during the flight, although other passengers were threatened and smoked on the plane.

After landing, events escalated further, and when they were told the police were coming, they were even more outraged.

There were also those who tried to control the raging tourists, but the reward they got was a series of punches from drunken travelers. The pilot also tried to calm the mood, but he too did not succeed, he slapped.

Photo: Jacob Porsci / AFP

Even after the police arrived and took away the troublemakers, the plight of the innocent passengers did not go away as everyone, including the staff, had to stay and investigate. Because of this

Staff working hours have also expired, so the return flight will depart home 24 hours late because Sania is not a vis site and there are no reserve staff to call.

Although the airline is not responsible for the consequences of the incident, incidents along the way raise the question of why the passengers in the flashlight were allowed to depart and were given extra alcohol. Employees may choose to land compulsorily, at the nearest airport or at the company site, and arrange staff transfers.

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