June 3, 2023

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British General: NATO is also concerned about the attack on Belgorod

In his statement, the retired British military officer called the attack on Russian soil humiliating, but at the same time added: from a Western perspective, it is a “worrying question” to clarify the extent to which Kiev supported the invasion.

If we give weapons, we are concerned about those weapons being used on Russian territory, because that is a diplomatic concern.

General Jones said.

He pointed out that many records prove that members of the Free Russia Legion, called saboteurs/Ukrainian soldiers by Ukraine and Russians, entered Belgorod territory with many American weapons.

The former British general did not reflect on how much he thought the Kiev government knew or did not know about the attack on Belgorod, with the official position on the Kiev side being that they had no responsibility in the matter.

At the same time, General Jones said: Ukraine was generally well served by the offensive.

It worked well for them because two things happened. What is happening or not happening in Bahmut is out of focus. In addition, the Ukrainians are preparing for a major offensive and want to distract the Russians from the area they can attack.”

said the commander.

Yesterday, Portfolio, in addition to similar findings, also elaborated on who might have carried out the attack on Belgorod and why:

Cover image: Ukrainian tanks in Kharkiv County, September 2022. Cover image is an example. Source: Ivan Chernichkin/Jabolona/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

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