June 2, 2023

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Black shadow struck: Millions of people’s important information has been stolen

A hacker group called Black Shadow hacked the servers of the Israeli internet hosting company Cyberserve, which stored millions of Israeli data. In addition to the websites of transport companies, the travel agency or the Children’s Museum in Holon, cybercriminals have also attacked Adraf, the dating site of the ISRAF LGBT community.

It is suspected that the hackers associated with Iran issued a final warning on Sunday that they would release the hijacked data if they did not receive $ 1 million within 48 hours.

Cybercriminals told the Telegram Processor that no one had yet contacted them from the hacked Israeli government or Cybersurver on Friday night.

On Saturday afternoon, the public transport company Kavim began releasing data on thousands of customers, while in the evening, the data of thousands of customers of transport company Don and travel company Pegasus were released.

The Black Shadow group launched a cyber attack against the Israeli insurance company Surbit and KLS Financial a year ago. Even then, a lot of personal information about customers was released.

Israel and Iran have been waging a shadow war for years, in which Israel is said to have repeatedly used cyber-war equipment to thwart Iran’s nuclear program. This week, an unprecedented cyber attack struck Iran’s fuel supply system.

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