May 22, 2022

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Biden vows to “escalate the pain” on Putin by imposing new sanctions on Russia – American politics live | US news

The United States has indicted a Russian oligarch that it says is responsible for spreading disinformation about the Kremlin around the world, as well as the confiscation of a mega yacht belonging to another of Vladimir Putin’s allies, and millions of dollars in assets they own, such as the war in Ukraine infuriates.

US Attorney Merrick Garland made the remarks today at a Justice Department news conference announcing measures to “prosecute Russian criminal activity.”

He also said that the United States and its allies had dismantled a large-scale malware attack attempt Russia It aims to unleash internationally, causing unprecedented disruption to the internet and causing billions of dollars in losses globally.

“Our message to those who continue to empower the Russian system through their criminal behavior is: It doesn’t matter how far you sail your yacht. It doesn’t matter how well you hide your assets. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at writing your malware or hiding your online activity,” Garland said: “The Department of Justice will use every tool available to find you, disrupt your plots, and hold you accountable.”

Accusations of conspiracy against the Russian oligarchy have been brought Konstantin Malofeyevwho was previously the subject of US sanctions for spreading Russian disinformation.

Garland said it was “one of the main sources of funding for Russians promoting secession in Crimea and for providing material support for the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.

After the United States imposed sanctions on Malofeyev, he attempted to evade the sanctions by using co-conspirators to surreptitiously obtain and manage the media via Europe. “

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Garland said the United States had seized millions of dollars from an account at a US financial institution that the indictment alleges constitute proceeds attributable to Malofeyev’s sanctions violations.

Meanwhile, the giant Tango yacht at a cost of $90 million, owned by the Russian oligarch Victor Vekselberg, a close ally of Putin, was kidnapped in Mallorca on Monday. Vekselberg was penalized in 2018 for money laundering, and again last month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The malware attack largely targeted small businesses with the intent of deploying a massive and attempted denial of service attack with the aim of disrupting the Internet internationally and causing at least $10 billion in damage.

global robotics [was] “It is controlled by the Russian Military Intelligence Agency, known as the GRU,” Garland said, noting that the Russian government had recently used similar infrastructure to attack Ukrainian targets.

“Fortunately, we were able to disable these botnets before they could be used. Thanks to our close work with international partners, we were able to detect that thousands of network devices were infected. We were then able to disable the GRU’s control of those devices before the bots could be armed.”