June 10, 2023

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Biden told Jin and Putin not to go to the climate summit

Biden at the COP26 Climate Summit on 2 November 2021 in Glasgow


China and Russia were criticized by US President Joe Biden at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, where both Eastern powers were represented by their representatives, but neither Chinese President Xi Jinping nor Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the summit. “

Responding to a question on Tuesday night, Biden said the climate crisis was currently the most important global issue in the international community and that every major emitting country had a responsibility to do so. The US President said it bluntly, China simply ignored it, and the same is true in Russia.

Biden particularly slammed China because China emits the world’s largest amount of carbon dioxide, followed by the United States, the European Union, India and Russia.

“China wants to be the world’s leading power, won’t it appear at the summit? Come on,” the US president said, adding that Xi had made a mistake in the move.

The Glasgow Summit will be held for two weeks on November 14 and will be attended by 120 leading politicians.

It is said that Hszi has not left China since the beginning of 2020, that is, since the outbreak of the corona virus crisis. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not explain why the Russian president did not come.

The two Eastern leaders no longer travel to the G20 summit in Rome, but at least went there via video conference Explained Their message. (BBC)

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