September 29, 2023

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Biden: The United States will protect Taiwan if it is attacked by China

In this context, the news agencies highlighted that the issue of potential military assistance had so far been deliberately left open by Washington. Biden insisted that the United States did not want a confrontation with China, but that the Beijing leadership should understand that “we will not back down or change our position.”

The US president said people should not worry about US military power because China, Russia and the rest of the world are aware of US domination. “The concern is whether they are committing themselves to actions that could lead to serious mistakes,” Biden said.

Taiwanese presidential spokesman Xavier Zhang responded Friday to US President Joe Biden’s speech on China and Taiwan, saying he would definitely defend himself if Taiwan was attacked. In his statement, Chang underlined that the island’s state of affairs has not changed; They will not submit to any pressure and will not recklessly advance in the consciousness of American support.
“Since Biden’s inauguration, the United States has demonstrated its firm support for Taiwan through practical measures,” Zhang underlined. The spokesman said Taipei was ready to work with like-minded countries to maintain peace and stability across the Pacific and Taiwan Straits.

Tensions between Taiwan and China have been rising since Chinese warplanes recently crossed Taiwan’s airspace. More than 150 Chinese planes have flown in the air since October 1, according to an international newspaper summary.

Taiwan, which has had its own political leadership since 1949, is considered a separate province of China by Beijing. After years of reconciliation, their relationship turned frozen again in 2016 after Gaj Jing-wen became president of Taiwan, the independent party, determined to maintain the status quo and strengthen the island’s self-defense capabilities. In addition to avoiding Beijing’s political means, he often conducts military exercises around the island under pressure and does not rule out the possibility of joining forces if necessary.

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Although the United States does not maintain official diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it is the island’s largest arms supplier and regularly sends warships to the Taiwan Strait to demonstrate a free navigation policy.

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