September 29, 2023

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Bicycle: The bus collided during Jiro’s current champion training

Giro d’Italia, the reigning champion of the Italian road cycling race in the homeland of Egan Bernal of Colombia, collided with a planned, stationary bus hanging on the road. The 25-year-old cyclist was taken to a hospital in Bogot after the crash, and his team said his condition was stable and constantly alert, but his representative said on first quick examination his knee or thigh bone may have been broken.


Bernal (left on the ground) and the back of the bus are broken (photo:

The Colombian special, which had complex successes in both the 2019 Tour de France and the 2021 Giro d’Italia, collided with a standard scheduled bus that hung on the track Monday morning local time. A post-accident photo was posted on social media on the Cycle News portal, which reports the accident, with Bernal lying on the ground.

The athlete was taken to a hospital in Bogot, and his team, Enios Grenadiers, said Bernal was still conscious and in a stable condition after the crash. The unanimous news in Colombia confirms that Bernal’s health is not a concern.

On Monday night, later, cycling spokeswoman Xiomara Guerrero said the first quick inquiries could not rule out the possibility of Bernal’s knee and / or femur fracture in the crash.

Anyway, the cyclist’s representative is right, Bernal’s has a broken knee or femur, so it is questionable whether he will be there for the start of the Tour de la Provence, which starts earlier on February 10th. This season has begun, culminating in the Tour de France.

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Update, 10.30pm

Contrary to previous reports, the first in-depth study revealed that Bernal also suffered serious injuries: the hospital said the athlete suffered trauma to the cervical spine and chest, ligaments and lower extremities. Based on the first choice, the wounds need to be operated on, which we will do in the coming hours, ”the 25-year-old cycling company said in a statement.

Meanwhile, local police also spoke on the matter: the board said the bus on the side of the road was easily overrun by its comrades, but Bernal simply did not notice, so it collided head-on.

In light of the results of the first inquiries, it may be ruled out that Bernal will be there at the start of the Provence tour on February 10, and it is even questionable whether he will be able to depart on tour. Speak France later.