December 6, 2022

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Benedict Cumberbatch appointed to host SNL for the second time

Benedict Cumberbatch appointed to host SNL for the second time


Benedict Cumberbatch recently starred in one of the most popular film projects of 2021 – dog power. neo western revisionism Jane Campion It marked her return to the world of cinema after a hiatus of more than a decade and was an incredible success, with several prestigious awards.

The film features Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Plemons as a pair of wealthy ranchers/brothers who become embroiled in a dark tale of intense human emotion when one of them brings his wife home. For his strong performance, Cumberbatch earned an Oscar offer for Best Actor but ultimately lost to Will Smith.

While talking about Campion in InterviewThe actor said, “We had a similar love and needed to carefully create this character from page to screen. We understood the complexity of a man whose brutal behavior conceals a deep well of pain; a scar that must be understood in order to be haunted. I haven’t had that long with a director.” He does the same kind of thing to get into character.”

Cumberbatch also revealed how much he liked the character: “I loved his candor. His mastery of the world. And I really, really liked the fact that he was an outsider. He was all about nature. He was all-consuming in every aspect, every character, every detail of his work that includes men animals and landscapes.

Currently, Cumberbatch is preparing to release his latest Marvel project Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Which is likely to be another commercial success for the company. In addition, it has been confirmed that Cumberbatch will host SNL for the second time and will be the musical guest for Arcade Fire.

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Watch the trailer for dog power less.