June 26, 2022

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Before the end of the war, we need to figure out what to do with the many weapons sent to Ukraine

In the fourth month of the Russo-Ukrainian war, at least we did not see any signs of a ceasefire. The head of US intelligence recently warned him At the Senate hearingVladimir Putin will not be satisfied with the capture of Donbass All the way up to Transnistria The land route should be extended.

However, the U.S. Modern combat agency at the Army Military Academy Published an articleIn which Doug LivermoreDeputy Commander and Research Fellow, Special Operations Division, National Guard Erin McPhee They insist that it is already useful to plan to control and disarm Western weapons flowing into Ukrainian forces before they fall into the wrong hands and cause further instability in the region.

Ukrainian soldier reloads FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles at Kiev Borispol International Airport


We already know enough from bad examples: from the Afghan Mojahets fighting the Soviets Only part of it could be repurchased Provided assistance to Stinger rocket launchers, and The CIA could not find out, What happened to others. Or equipment shipped to Libya in 2011 then caused serious problems in Mali, Niger or Chad.

Soviet helicopter fires rocket at Stinger in Afghanistan

Photo: AFP

Of course, the authors do not deny that Ukraine does not need all the help to fight the Russian occupation. Also, they know that those who bomb cities are not properly involved in the idea of ​​disarming.

But they say this needs to be discussed now, because the Ukrainian armed forces need to be further trained to deal with internal threats.Like international military observers, they now need to know the armies of aliens, volunteer units, and militants with small arms and light weapons. Above all, donor countries need to keep track of where their assets are going. Armored-bore weapons can still be handed over under conditions that strictly define their end users and prevent their subsequent transmission. I can even condition the withdrawal of weapons. But such agreements could also specify which factions in the Ukrainian military could acquire their assets, excluding extremist forces.

This can be controlled in such a serious conflict. US Congress Already banned in 2018US military support a The far right background of the Azov regiment Avoid, but after the outbreak of war, in April of this year a CNN News has published Based on security sources, the Americans cannot control who the weapons sent to Ukraine go to.

The Russian Defense Ministry shot dead a looted spear shield-piercer. The CNN report They say they are not afraid of large-scale US weapons falling into Russian hands.

Photo: Sputnik via AFP

Since there are no US troops on the ground to control the supply, they can only rely on the Ukrainian government. And understandably, what they are interested in now is winning the war. The Pentagon does not refer to exports. Ukrainian forces usually take in exports to Poland, from which it depends on the Ukrainians they carry.

That’s why he is the head of Interpol Jர்கrgen Stock also warnedSome of the weapons shipped to Ukraine end up in criminal organizations inside and outside Europe. He therefore called for the establishment of follow-up databases for arms suppliers.

According to an article in the Modern War Institute, compensation for those who return weapons should be part of reconstruction plans. This compensation should be as high as possible at the black market price. Unarmed soldiers should be trained and supported to return to the labor market and not need to withdraw money from the black market.

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