March 29, 2023

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Ballot papers are dumped inside the NVI

Most foreign work ballots arrived at the National Election Office (NVI) early Wednesday morning.

By law, ballots containing votes cast in foreign missions must reach NVI by midnight on the fourth day of voting, in this case Thursday.

As of Wednesday morning, urns had arrived from the majority of delegates, with more than 9,800 votes awaiting from Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane, Canberra, Melbourne, Wellington, Hanoi and London, Edinburgh and Manchester.

On Voting Day, overseas voters with Hungarian residency addresses were able to cast their ballots at Hungary’s embassies and consulates in a total of 145 foreign embassies in 97 countries. Voting did not take place in Shanghai due to a corona virus infection. There were 65,480 foreign delegates on the list, of whom 57,623 went to the polls.

As soon as the ballot box arrives from the ten embassies, all the NVI staff will be broken up and the votes will be counted according to 106 separate constituencies and the ballots will be sent to the designated counting committee of 106 parliamentary constituencies along with the votes. Of the electorate.

The votes of the re-registered voters came to the NVI on Monday, and the office staff are now sorting them according to the constituencies.

In the 106 counting committee appointed, the envelopes of those who voted by re-registration and those who voted in the diplomatic service were mixed in ballot boxes that were not opened before the election and the votes were counted.

Upon receipt of the counting report of the counting committee, the constituency election commission will decide who will win in that constituency.

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The results of the National List Parliamentary Election are determined by the National Electoral Commission (NCB) on the basis of the regional results of the National List Elections, the results of the ballot paper and the ethics of the individual constituencies. On the 22nd rather than the 19th day of voting.

The results of the referendum will be determined by the NVB on the basis of the minutes published by the counting committees and the counting of votes cast by letter.

Correspondence votes are also coming

NVI’s Wednesday morning data shows that NVI has received more than 316,000 letters, of which more than 200,000 have already been resolved, of which nearly 171,000 are valid.

The NVI received more than 36,000 letters in the mail, 278,000 were sent overseas, and 1,500 were sent to the election offices of the individual parliamentary constituencies of the Hungarian parliament.

Voters without an address in Hungary can vote in one letter, the NVI added 456,129 voters to the voter list in the letter. As of Wednesday morning data, 316,754 letter votes had been returned to the NVI, of which 63.56 percent had already been resolved and the voter identification statement in the back cover had already been verified.

Of the letters that were promised to be checked, 171,524 were found to be correct identification statements, and in 29,819 it were found to be invalid or omitted.

Based on the current process, the number of ballots in the ballot box is 139,841, of which 139,334 are valid.

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