June 2, 2023

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Austria’s largest wildfire is spreading across the Hungarian border

The fire broke out Monday afternoon on the side of a popular resort on Rocks Mountain near Hirschwang. Firefighters began to extinguish it immediately, but the steep hills and strong winds made the task much more difficult. In ten hours, 115 hectares of forest were burned, and he writes that sticking to the ground is almost impossible due to the terrain. kronen.at.

On Monday, firefighters asked the helicopter for help because it was the only effective way to extinguish the hilly terrain. Already on Tuesday, four firefighting helicopters put out the blaze, along with four military helicopters, including a Blackhawk that could carry 3,000 gallons of water to the fire pits, compared to the other aircraft’s 450 – liter capacity. So far, the fire has not been localized and the weather is not good: east winds are blowing and no rain is expected in the coming days.

300 firefighters from 23 stations are already working on the site, mainly by setting up defensive lines to prevent the fire from spreading to populated areas, but even a factory unit must be protected from fire. The derstandard.at Franz Rasberger of the Fire Brigade in Lower Austria was quoted as saying it was the largest wildfire in the country’s history.

According to Leaf Injuries, the rescue operation already has an injured person: a forest worker who fell off rocks and suffered a hip injury.

According to the fire department, firefighters may still be delayed by 4-5 days, but soon intensifying winds may make the task harder again.

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