September 29, 2023

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“Attack” on Romanian air –

He writes that five Roman businessmen founded a civil airline called Air Connect I love you. The company was registered last year, with the first flights departing in May. The airline will have domestic and international flights, the latter flying to Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Montenegro.

“I think the reliability of the project is derived from the situation in Romania. It is difficult to believe, but nowadays it takes more than 12 hours by land to travel from Oradia to Constanta. This is just one example. We do not think it will happen again at any time Hopefully We look forward to the future, “said Tudor Constantines, chief executive of Air Connect.

The company, which has a share capital of one million euros, plans to invest more than four million euros this year. Most of the money goes to buy two ATR 42-600 aircraft. (Our picture shows this category – A version.According to the CEO, it is an excellent model for domestic and relatively short-haul international flights. Air Connect plans to buy three more ATR 42-600 next year.

Romania currently has three airlines operating domestically: a decade ago Consistently unprofitable, State-owned Tarom, low cost Blue Air and charter flights to Animawings. The municipalities of Oradea and Beau County also co-founded Air Oradia with a share capital of மில்லியன் 3 million. It is scheduled to fly exclusively from Oradia Airport to Bucharest and four unnamed foreign destinations this year.

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