October 4, 2022

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Athletics Releases Elvis Andros – MLB Trade Rumors

Athletics Releases Elvis Andros - MLB Trade Rumors

A’s announced Wednesday that they have released the shortstop veteran Elvis Andrews. player sheldon news He boarded Triple-A Las Vegas to take his place on the list.

Once Andrus wasn’t traded either in the off-season or on the trade deadline earlier this month, the writing was on the wall for Andrus, whose contract contains an option to award a player for the 2023 season which will kick in when he reaches 550 games. Not surprisingly, Reconstruction Athletics had no interest in letting that option vest, and the mere existence of that option made Andrus’s trading potential look alike. Complex and frankly unlikely Since last winter. Now that he has been released, this has become a moot point; It won’t give the option that Andrus will simply become a free agent at the end of the season.

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Andros can now sign a new deal that does not require a new club to pay him $15 million in 2023 if he reaches 550 games per season. (It currently stands at 386 trips to the board and would need another 164 trips to get that far.) Any team that signs for Andrus will only need to pay the league prorated minimum for any time spent on the Major League roster; A’s will stay on the hook for the rest of this year’s salary.

It’s been a decent season for Andros on the plate and gauntlet. The 33-year-old (34 next week) is no longer the hitter, but has turned into a respectable .237/.301/.373 (97 wRC+) hitting streak with eight home runs, 24 doubles and seven stolen bases. Defensive metrics on Andrus are a mixed bag this season; The defensive tackle links him with six runs below average, but neither the absolute area rating (2.6) nor the above-average (-1) runs so bad in his glove business. It’s fair to say Andrus is no longer an excellent defender as he was at the start of his career, when he was seen as one of the sport’s finest gloves in any position.

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With Andrus out the door, Player A will turn into a player who has that kind of defensive prowess now, in the early stages of his career. Nick Allen, the 23-year-old has only managed .215/.279/.316 through his first 173 trips to the plate in the big leagues, but is considered one of the best defensive stopping points in the minors and has the most palatable .266/. 371/.358 slashed in 206 board appearances at Triple-A Las Vegas, where he walked almost as often as his hit (13.1% vs. 16.5%).

Allen probably never hits the power in the big leagues, but with regular playing time, walking rates, speed and bat skills to the ball can lead to 20 stealing seasons with strong OBP marks as well as defensive contributions. If the lack of power proves to be too limiting for an Allen to hit like an everyday player, then the gauntlet and above-average speed should make him a useful player who can provide excellent defense at short stops, second base and third base.