Munk Veronica continues as Content Development Manager.

The management of the telex news site is changing, the Creative Online. A new leadership organization will be launched in the summer of 2020 for journalists leaving the code:

  • Márton Kárpati is the Managing Director of the newly established Directorate of Business Development, Strategy and Marketing,
  • Szabolcs Dull will be the only editor-in-chief,
  • Content Development Manager will be Veronica Munk.

When the paper was created in September last year, Veronica Munk took over as editor-in-chief, and Dale, the former editor-in-chief of Index, arrived in January of this year after both her announcement and non-competition. Restrictions on her previous work have expired. Until now, Munk and Dull have led Telex as head teachers.

We wrote more about the government smash of the code here:

(Cover: Journalists leaving the code in the summer of 2020.)


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