July 7, 2022

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Aso’s commander is still in steelwork, and he watched the video

In a post he released in the afternoon, the governor wrote that the Russian army had been firing heavily at the city since morning and deliberately attacking residential buildings. According to him, the shelling continued throughout the day. He added that the death toll and casualties were still being clarified as areas could not be searched due to the shelling.

Brigadier General Alexei Kromov, deputy head of the Directorate General of Civil Servants of Ukraine, told the Ukrinform news agency that in the past two weeks, Ukrainian troops have withdrawn 23 settlements from Russian forces in the eastern province of Kharkiv. Country. He said Russian forces would continue to launch artillery attacks on the northern districts of Chernivtsi and Sumi, while concentrating their main efforts on the Donetsk Basin. In his words, he called the expansion of his control over the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Moscow’s declared target, “special action.” The General explained that fierce fighting was now taking place mainly around Chevroletonek, Lyman, Bahmud, Avkivka and Kurakhov. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Russian forces.

In the afternoon status report, Ukrainian public servants also wrote it

The Russian military “focused its efforts on the direction of Donetsk, where planes, artillery and landmines were stopped.”

Hromov added that the possibility of Russian offensive in other parts of the country was being maintained to prevent the re-establishment of Ukrainian forces in the Donetsk Basin. He stressed that Russian Black Sea Navy ships are still at risk of measuring missile strikes on Ukrainian cities. “In addition, the enemy is carrying out provocative operations at sea, simulating preparations for the landing of landing troops,” he added.

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Operations Command in southern Ukraine has said that Russian forces are not currently carrying out large-scale offensive operations along the conflict frontier in the south of the country. In the Mykolaiv district, artillery fire continues in populated areas, but in Mykolaiv, the situation is relatively calm now.

According to the announcement

The Russians tried to install artillery at Chernobyvka in Hershonissos, just as the settlement had been shot down by Ukrainian forces.

“However, the locals can already distinguish well the tactics of the enemy’s actions and do not fall into provocation,” the order said. He said Russian forces were blocking the entry and exit of Hersonisos and were firing on the evacuation convoys.

Ukraine’s Pravda news website was able to video-communicate with Svyatoslav Palmer, deputy commander of the Azov regiment, who said he and the division’s headquarters were still working with Mariupol in Azov. “Today (May 19) is the 85th day of the war. I and the headquarters are at the site of the Azov plant. A specific activity is taking place and I will not release details of it. Thanks to the whole world, thanks to Ukraine. We still see each other,” he said in a video message.

Initial image: MTI / AP / Alexei Alexandrov