June 6, 2023

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As people began to return to Kiev, a ship caught fire and sank in Mariupol

Edward Pasurin, deputy commander of the “People’s Fighters” in Donetsk, said the Turkish Asberg, flying the Dominican flag, had caught fire near Mariupol. He did not rule out the possibility that the incident may have been the result of provocation by Ukrainian “nationalists” in control of the port who tried to set fire to Russian artillery fire. According to Pasur, there are 12 Ukrainian citizens on board the Asburg.

Ukrainian border guards say Russian forces set fire to a Dominican-flagged merchant ship when it shot down the city of Mariupol and began to sink. According to his captain, there were casualties on board, but their number is not yet known.

The theater was damaged in the April 4, 2022 Russian attack on Mariupol in southern Ukraine. MTI / AB / Alexei Alexandrov

According to a report by the Mariupol City Council, members of the opposition base – the “pro-life party” in Moscow – obtained “conclusive evidence” that they had helped defeat the city, handing over data to Russians to attack key civilian infrastructure.

In the eastern part of the country, the head of the Harkiv Zoo, also known as Feldman Egobark, released a video message about a facility that was almost completely destroyed as a result of Russian attacks. At the end of the day, large animals, bears, tigers, lions, cages are damaged and they have to decide if they can be given anesthesia if they cannot be moved elsewhere.

Sergei Hajtaj said on Facebook that Russian forces had attacked a nitric acid reservoir in Rubisney, in the Luhansk region. He asked the townspeople to stay in their homes or shelters.

Cover doors and windows with airborne gases.

Luhansk separatists withdraw from Ukrainian “nationalist” settlement Charged By destroying the tanks.

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Conflicting information about return options

According to reports, the Kievs have begun to return to the Ukrainian capital and the Chernivtsi region in the north of the country, but the local leadership has not yet recommended it. Last week, Russian forces began to withdraw from Kiev and Chernivtsi.

According to a recent summary of Kiev civil servants on Tuesday, about 18,500 Russian soldiers have been killed and about a thousand have been taken prisoner so far. Ukrainian forces destroyed 150 Russian aircraft, 134 helicopters, seven warships, 656 tanks, 1,858 armored vehicles, 332 artillery and 55 air defense systems and 107 rocket launchers, staff said.

The Ukrainian Northern Operations Command said it would restrict border crossings on the Belarus-Russia border in the Chernihiv region.

Anatoly Fedoruk, mayor of Puka, Kiev County, said on a Ukrainian television program that they were already waiting for the arrival of doctors and specialists needed to run the city. He expressed hope that the other residents of Buxa would return in a week and that life would return to normal. He said work was already underway to restore the drinking water and gas supply and electricity supply to the city was expected to stabilize during this time. The city currently has a population of about 3,700. He assured residents of Buxa that police would patrol the city streets to prevent looting.

(In the opening image: The theater was damaged in a Russian attack on Mariupol in southern Ukraine on April 4, 2022.)

Initial image: MTI / AP / Alexei Alexandrov