December 6, 2022

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Apple warns ‘huge security flaw in AirPods’ could lead to information leakage

Apple warns 'huge security flaw in AirPods' could lead to information leakage

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but apparently it doesn’t keep spies away.

Apple customers should be careful what they whisper in their ears AirPods. Used AirPods have been discovered to have a major security flaw, according to a new report via interested in trade.

Some used headphones allegedly remain connected to the previous owner’s iCloud accounts, even if the system is reset.

David Malka, goTRG’s chief sales officer, told the outlet that conflict is “a major concern”.

“We tested it at the utilities. We test it every day,” he said. “It’s like I tell you, ‘Hey, if you sell your car, you’ve got to make sure you unplug that wire, if someone isn’t going to be able to track you.’”

During AirPods setup, some affected areas may display “AirPod mismatch,” instead of “New AirPods owner name” in Apple’s Find My app.

When a new owner tries to link their new AirPods from their iPhone, a message appears saying that the earbuds are connected to a different Apple ID.

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The popup then asks if one of the headphones is “mixed with someone else’s AirPods”.

The research found that thousands of AirPods were returned to stores like Walmart and then repackaged and sold.

It appears that eight out of every 10 AirPods that pass through goTRG come with issues related to security leaks. goTRG is a software refurbishment company that helps large retailers with technology revenue.

Malka also noted, “That doesn’t make sense.” Another issue with resold AirPods, is the potential data breaches associated with users’ iCloud accounts.

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Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit Electronics Repair Sitereports that this headphone issue is another example of Apple products not “returning products.”

“It shows a core strategy at Apple, which is to secure and control every aspect of the experience, including syncing individual parts within a phone, or an individual earpiece with an account,” Wiens explained.

Patrick Wardle, an independent Mac OS security researcher, explained to from the inside “The problem may actually be something that Apple set on purpose. Without this hurdle, a stolen set of AirPods can be factory reset to make them immediately usable by the thief, or at least untraceable by the victim.”

AirPods are replacing wired earphones and their sheer presence has become a staple in the cultural landscape of the modern world.

Some women have even referred to themselves as having AirPod-shaped body Females with small waists and larger chests (similar to Apple wireless headphones). This phenomenon has gained a wide community on TikTok.

Another woman sprouted last year A series of TikTok posts which she claimed by mistake mistake she has AirPods for ibuprofen and swallow it whole. I took it out later, however, not before the instrument had already issued a voice memo from inside her stomach.