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Apple AirTags are $25 after Black Friday 2022

Apple AirTags are $25 after Black Friday 2022

Sometimes, the ideas we have when checked bag They cause more anxiety than comfort when we go on a trip or vacation. Will my bag be okay? Did I remember to write my address on the tag in case my bags got lost? For added peace of mind, many travelers are starting to get hung up Apple AirTags to their suitcases in addition to their suitcases Secured baggage tags as a means of tracking their location.

And we’re excited to announce that our popular Bluetooth trackers, which are only compatible with iPhones and other Apple devices, are on sale this Black Friday. Right now, Amazon shoppers can get an Apple AirTag for as little as $25, which tech-savvy travelers know is a rare discount.


To buy: amazon.com$25 (originally $29)

With the Find My app, the Apple AirTag It connects to your device and uses advanced UHD technology to track the exact location of your luggage in case it gets lost at baggage claim, at your hotel, or even at your home when it’s time to pack before your flight. It has an easy one-click setup that syncs it to your iPhone or iPad; Once paired, slip it into a pocket in your bag or clip it to a file folder AirTag holder keyring to attach to your luggage handle.

The water and dust resistant tracker has a lost mode feature that automatically notifies your Apple smartphone or tablet when it’s out of range, which is useful if you suspect your belongings may have been stolen or lost during your trip. What’s more, its U1 chip allows it to navigate to its exact location, and if you’re using it to find lost keys and easy-to-miss things, you can use your device to signal the Apple AirTag to play a sound so that it can be located better. And don’t worry, the brand assures that all communication with the “Find My” network is anonymous and encrypted; Apple AirTags It does not store location or user data.

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Since becoming travelers’ favorite baggage tracker, the Apple AirTag has garnered more than 74,000 five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers. One traveler called it a “worthwhile” purchase and wrote, “I activated it the night before my flight, and the first time it alerted me was when I left my bags in the hotel room. Within minutes, it was telling me it was no longer being detected near me, which was great.” They continued, “The real test came when I was on the plane and needed to confirm that my luggage was still with me due to some confusion with tickets and bag tags. I opened the app and there it was telling me my bag was with me. That was a relief.”

Another customer has been added It is “a travel must, for sure. I feel safer knowing where my bags are than when I put this tag in my luggage.” For the shopper who traveled to Italy With a large group and their luggage missing, “this little gadget took all the worry out of not having our bags picked up; we knew exactly where they were at any given time. The other poor people at the airport were unable to get specific information on the locations of their bags… [it’s] Indispensable for travelers.

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Don’t have a flight in the books? Outside of travel, reviewers shared that the Apple AirTag helped them find just about everything from stolen cars to me lost dogs. See, the possibilities are truly endless! Don’t let this Black Friday deal pass you by. Upgrade your travel game Apple AirTag While it was on sale for $25 during Amazon’s Black Friday sale.

At the time of publication, the price is $20.

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