June 10, 2023

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Another proposal of Peter Margi-Jay is to privatize health care: he will send Hungarians to India for eye surgery.

Péter Márki-Zay posted another video about the Hungarian healthcare privatization form. The leader in the list on the left will follow the American model and send Hungarians to India for eye surgery. Recently, Gyurcsany’s candidate told me about eye surgery and the US insurer says he wants to go, give me a plane ticket and go to India. In recent days, it has emerged that the Gyurcsány-Bajnai government is closing down Márki-Zay hospitals, reversing visitation and hospital daily fees, and completely privatizing the health service, as desired.

There are special treatments you may not want to take to Makora. Americans for a particular type of eye surgery, it’s like glaucoma, a very rare eye disease, but the American insurer says go, give me an air ticket and go to India.

– Peter Margie-J, chairman of the list on the left, spoke about this in a forum on December 15, 2021. According to him, it is a popular disease in India and the doctors there perform hundreds of such surgeries every day, they have a great routine and they do it professionally and cheaply. Americans have never seen such a disease for decades. Now, if he starts to fiddle with someone with an eye scalpel, now I do not remember, I have not done this for ten years, but we will try. Instead, go to India, where you do it many times, ”he added. – If you need a professional, specialist intervention, you should go for the individuals and conditions that can best do it. For example, if I already say ophthalmology, most ophthalmic interventions are not an emergency procedure, just go where the benefit is, lift them, and go where the MRI is, ”said Mark-J.

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You can see the statement of the list leader on the left in the video below.

Mark-J will close hospitals

Peter Margi-J will reduce the health care system. The left-wing prime ministerial candidate talked about supporting the centralization of health care facilities in outpatient care last fall, meaning only one of the many institutions will exist and the others will be abolished. It will also close the maternity and emergency departments altogether. In his various statements, Márki-Zay also made it clear that the government would pursue a policy of pre-2010 polygamous leadership in paying health care companies.

Yes, it must be accepted that there is no emergency treatment or maternity care in the vicinity of residents in rural towns or even villages. – Margie-J said last fall that his shocking sentence was seen by many (e.g. Here And Here). The prime ministerial candidate on the left said he was in favor of centralizing health care institutions so that joining the government would eliminate various elements of the health system in many rural settlements.

Márki-Zay will privatize domestic healthSource: Hans Lucas via AFP / Valeria Mongelli / Hans Lucas / Valeria Mongelli

The mayor of Hotmasovasserheli has bizarrely similar views on this issue with the policies of pre-2010 polygamous governments. Recall: Countless hospitals in the country have been closed as part of the Kursani deal. Including the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. Gyurcsánys abolished active care in many hospitals and set up so-called beds. The total number of hospital beds active by the left-wing leadership has been reduced to 16,000. Under left-wing governments prior to 2010, a total of more than $ 650 billion in HUFs were withdrawn from health care. Approximately 250 billion HUFs were taken from direct patient care and approximately HUF 400 billion from the health insurance fund.

There will be a visit fee and a hospital daily

Mint As we recalled in the previous article Mark-J spoke at a campaign forum in March 2018 that he thinks only badly today that “drastic privatization can only help”. GYURCSNY’s applicant must be in private healthcare, hospitals and institutions. This would mean that health care companies would be operating profitably, in contrast to the current state reservation and thereby liability.

According to the report, Márki-Zay will follow Gyurcsány’s policy on attendance and hospitalization per day: In a Facebook video in 2019, he criticized the Constitutional Court for passing a social referendum initiated by Fitzgerald. This is memorable: in a valid referendum, one-fourth of Hungarians who voted decided not to listen to the new marches introduced by the Gyurcsánys.