March 28, 2023

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Another body emerges from a dry US reservoir

It says another body has been found in Lake Mead, which continues to shrink IFLScience. This is the third skeleton found in the reservoir since early May. The first remains They were inside a barrel, and the person involved was probably killed in the 1980s.

Lake Mead is located in the states of Arizona and Nevada behind the Hoover Dam. The vast area has been drought-stricken for a long time, and the water level in the reservoir has never been lower. As the lake recedes, previously hidden structures and remains are revealed, including a World War II-built shipwreck. emerged.

The latest body was found Monday afternoon local time, according to the National Park Service. The bones are currently being examined.

Frederick J. Brown/AFP

The first skeleton was found on May 1, and more remains were found on May 7. Experts say there could be more bodies at the bottom of the lake.

Because the Las Vegas Strip is associated with organized crime, many people suspect the remains are of gang victims.

The theory has yet to be confirmed.

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States by water capacity. The lake was dammed in the 1930s and today supplies water to millions of people and vast tracts of farmland in Arizona, California and Nevada.

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