June 2, 2023

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“An inhumane attack is taking place against us” – Portfolio.hu

The 47-member panel will decide on the draft on Thursday.

An inhuman attack is taking place against us. No time to cry though, we will cry when we win

Zabarova said in a video conference from Kiev.

He denies allegations by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Ukraine was involved in genocide and said his government was fully committed.

“Do you know how Russia handles the genocide in Ukraine? With robotic planes and operational tactical missiles, tanks and artillery, spy and sabotage teams,” he said. “Ukrainian children are born in bunker shelters. Now, as we negotiate, the Russian armed forces are attacking nurseries, kindergartens, orphanages, hospitals,” he stressed.

Zabarova said 352 Ukrainians, including sixteen children, had died in the conflict, and the youngest was one and a half years old.

With regard to civilians affected by the war, international organizations have also been releasing contradictory data. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said on Wednesday that at least 227 civilians had been killed and 525 wounded since the war began on February 24.

“Most casualties are high-impact bombs, including heavy artillery, rocket-propelled grenades and airstrikes,” the OHCHR said. However, the UN office noted that reports of delays and serious clashes in some areas, especially in areas under the control of Kiev government forces, may have put the death toll higher than they knew.

Problem in Ukrainian hospitals

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday expressed deep concern over reports of attacks on health facilities in Ukraine.

So far, such a case has been confirmed, Tetros Adonom Jeffries told the WHO Director-General at a news conference in Geneva, citing the incident in which a hospital was set on fire and four people died.

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Reports of further attacks are under investigation, he said, adding that the attacks on health facilities violate international law. Russia has been saying not to attack civilian targets since almost a week before the start of operations against Ukraine.

The first relief items organized by the WHO are due to arrive in Poland on Thursday. The director general said the cargo contained thirty-six tons of first aid equipment, medicines and enough food for 150,000 people.

Michael Ryan, emergency director of the United Nations Health Organization, said the WHO had been in Ukraine for many years. Twenty-three hospitals were provided with medical and other equipment prior to the Russian invasion.

The organization has begun to raise $ 45 million for Ukraine and $ 12.5 million for neighboring countries to help those affected by the war.

According to Tetros Adonom Kepresus, the conflict has a dangerous low oxygen reserve in Ukrainian hospitals, which affects the distribution of patients with Govit-19 disease caused by the corona virus. He added that major oxygen plants in the country have been shut down.

The Director General said that three large oxygen plants in Ukraine have been shut down and are now looking for ways to deliver the goods safely to neighboring countries.

Michael Ryan told a news conference that more than 2,000 Kovit-19 victims are currently in need of oxygen in hospitals in Ukraine.

According to the Director of Emergencies, this number may increase because the injured and surgeons need oxygen, and there are children with pneumonia and women in childbirth, and oxygen is a lifesaver for them. Patients in need cannot be placed on a waiting list and require immediate oxygen.

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Cover image: UN headquarters in New York. Source: Getty Images