June 4, 2023

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An American arms plot could be a real threat

Such was the case with the siege of the US Legislature on January 6, 2020. Event It was unprecedented after the American-British War of 1812. An attack on supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump has killed at least five people and hundreds more. The incumbent Democratic Majority Congress and Democrat leader Joe Biden write that they have a year to put the issue on the agenda. Financial Times.

In light of this, Democrat lawmakers have set up a congressional inquiry committee that has spent hundreds of hours listening to and expanding our knowledge of the attacks. Dozens of former Trump advisers have been summoned and indicted for refusing to do so despite being required by law to do so. Despite all this, they could not convince the Americans to reject Trump Disruptors. The United States was not united in resolving the Capitol siege.

According to opinion polls, the community is deeply divided over who is responsible for an embarrassing event and how much importance is attached to it. According to a survey released by the Morning Consult Institute in early January 2022, only 35 percent of independents and 24 percent of Republicans consider the siege to have had a major impact on their worldview, compared with 68 percent among Democrats.

Games Back-E?

According to a recent poll by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland, 40 percent of Republican supporters believe it is legal for citizens to take action against their government. That ratio is only 23 percent among Democrats.

After failing to oust Trump by ousting him in the last three weeks of his rule, Democrats finally set up a committee in July to investigate the January 6 Capitol incident. Audiences say that this body does its job very quietly and slowly. As a result, it does not shed light on the facts that will make defending democracy a major campaign topic in the November 2022 midterm elections.

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Shared voters

Forty-seven percent of those surveyed in the Morning Consult Survey believe their votes will not be affected by the January 6, 2020 events. Democrats and independent analysts believe the poll results reflect voter segregation. The media in the Conservative core camp paint a false picture of what happened in the Capitol.

According to a poll by the Washington Post-University in Maryland, 92 percent of Democrat voters blame Trump for a better or at least a significant percentage, compared with 57 percent among independents and only 27 percent among Republicans. In general, many leading Republican politicians who condemned Trump after the events that persecuted his supporters before Congress voted to accept Biden’s presidential election victory (and his defeat) later pledged his support for the former president. The commission has only two Republican members on board.

Democrat members of the committee promise to do their job better from the spring, for example by planning some public hearings, but Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s political center, who defines himself as independent, believes the issue is in defending democracy. Not an alternative to the campaign, the topic of great interest to voters, i.e. the evolution of their own financial situation. Democratic voters may be mobilized for this reason, but they will not put Democratic candidates on the side of those who want to vote for the Republicans.