August 17, 2022

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American think tank: Putin singles out an old-new target

The Report Russian troops have resumed local ground offensives northwest and southwest of Izjum, and could create opportunities for offensive operations in the direction of Kharkiv Oblast and Kharkiv city.

In recent days, Russian forces have already launched unsuccessful attacks and reconnaissance efforts against Sebil, Shurivka and Husarivka (northwest of Izia), and resumed attacks against Dmitrivka and Prasshikivka (southwest of Izia).

Russian forces have held positions around Balaklia and Velika Komisuvaha for months, and could use these two areas as a springboard for offensive action.

Russian forces could use their positions around Balaklia to resume attacks on Kharkiv from the southeast.

According to ISW, however

It is highly unlikely that Russian forces will invade Kharkiv province and capture the city of Kharkiv.

This is why Slowdown of progress in Donbass, as well as ongoing challenges in the field of military development and logistics.

ISW previously assessed Vladimir Putin President of Russia Instructions could have been given to Russian forces to occupy the city of Kharkiv and the unoccupied part of the Kharkiv region., but they are unlikely to succeed. Russian forces may also launch destructive strikes to deter Ukrainian counterattacks.

Oleg SinyehubovKharkiv Governor in Telegram on Monday morning published itArtillery attack in Saltivka district of Kharkiv. Two people were injured, one of whom, a 72-year-old, later died in hospital.

Cover image: Ukrainian soldiers near Kharkiv on July 26, 2022. Wolfgang Schwann/Anatolu Agency via Getty Images

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