September 29, 2023

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American and Ukrainian commanders talked about liberating the occupied territories.

During our telephone conversation, we touched on the implementation of the strategic tasks of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, the main of which is the liberation of Ukrainian territories within internationally recognized borders.

Zaluzhnij wrote on Facebook. The commander pointed out that an important condition for the success of Ukrainian defense and counteroffensive operations is the provision of sufficient material and technical resources. Milley pledged that the United States would support Ukraine as long as needed, which was guaranteed by US President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

According to Zalushny, Milli said he was proud of the position of the armed forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

Friday evening Valery Zaluzhny He accused Russian forces of attacking his country by deploying phosphorus-laden bombs on Snake Island. Moscow had announced its withdrawal from the island earlier in the day, but according to a Ukrainian general, Russian forces were not sticking to their own statements.

Kirill TymoshenkoThe Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine made the announcement during his visit to Zhytomyr County in western Ukraine on Friday.

The country’s armed forces have already rescued 1,027 settlements.

And humanitarian commands have begun working in 95 percent of the liberated territory.

According to a statement released by the President’s office, the official explained that while the Ukrainian armed forces are resisting Russian attacks, disaster management and utility service workers are working almost around the clock to restore the normal rhythm of life in the retaken areas.

Front page image: The area around Lysansk region in Luhansk County on June 19, 2022. Madeleine Kelly/Sofa Images/Lightrocket via Getty Images

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