June 6, 2023

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According to the Index – Economy – Purchasing Power Survey we can spend only half of the European average

According to a study by GfK Hungary Market Research Institute, the average per capita purchasing power in Hungary is 7,643 euros, which is 51 percent of the European average. With this, Infostart writes that Hungary is already ranked 30th in the list of 42 European countries.

According to GfK, purchasing power is theoretically the total income that residents can spend. According to János Kui, the poll could not be over-represented because the market researcher works with statistics and a lot of personal data from various sources (tax office, statistics office, etc.).

From this, the GfK purchasing power data for 42 European countries is “pasted” using a statistical-mathematical model.

At the top of the list is Liechtenstein, whose 36,000 inhabitants have a theoretical annual income of € 64,600. In second place is Switzerland, slightly behind with a spending capacity of € 40,700, and Luxembourg is down the stage with 35,000.

In neighboring countries, Austria has the potential to spend 24 thousand euros, but in the neighboring countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia are above the purchasing power of Hungary, and like Poland, Croatia is ahead of us.

Romania, on the other hand, follows in the footsteps of Hungary, and Ukraine is the poorest of the 42 countries surveyed, not even 13 percent of the European average.

(Via Infostart)

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