June 2, 2023

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According to the Estonian Prime Minister, Russia should not be underestimated and should not be discouraged by war.

Estonian Prime Minister Gaja Gallus has said that the West should not underestimate Russia’s military capability in the war in Ukraine, which has reached its fifth month, and that Russian forces are ready for a long struggle. AP has given an interview to an American news agency. he said:

“I have heard comments that the danger is over because the Russian army is exhausted. But this is not true. He still has many soldiers at home and has not counted the casualties. The wrecked weapons have not been calculated. So even in the long run we should not underestimate them.”

The Prime Minister praised the EU’s solidarity in punishing Russia for starting the war in Ukraine, although he said from the outset that maintaining it with more and more sanctions would be increasingly difficult. he said:

“First, we have a relatively easy decision – making process, and now we’ve tried some very difficult ones. But we’ve maintained unity despite our differences. This is normal in democracies.

Commenting on Ukraine’s candidacy, he said: “Two months ago some countries were very skeptical about this. Now every member state is different, but they all seem to agree.” (Now with Moldova They were also accepted.)

Estonian Prime Minister Gaja Gallus in Berlin on 17 August 2021.

Photo: K Needfeld / AFP

Gallos criticized European leaders who had spoken with Putin since the beginning of the war, saying Moscow should be completely isolated and Ukraine should be left to how it wants to end the war. As the war progressed, some Western politicians suggested that peace talks with Putin should be held even if Ukraine lost territory, but even after Russia annexed Crimea, Gallus said “this should not be done.” “It is important not to repeat these mistakes, because Putin always concludes that he can do anything without punishment,” he said.

Gallos said anyone convicted of war crimes or preparing for genocide in Ukraine should be brought to justice.

He says sanctions against Russia are guaranteed to work over time, but require “strategic patience”. At present sanctions seem to hurt the average Russian, but he has given the truth to those who say Putin is not afraid. “But I still think the Russian people should feel their impact, because Putin and support for the war are very high,” he said.

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